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provide extensive software support and maintenance services for DINIS. This is delivered by our software development partners Kainos Software Limited.

The service provides support and maintenance activities for the DINIS Core program and associated modules, via telephone, email or internet access to a central support desk. The option for remote diagnostics is also available to customer via modem access.

The service also includes the automatic distribution of maintenance releases for the DINIS software as well as the potential to influence the forward direction of DINIS software by way of change requests.

Fujitsu Services hold an annual user group meeting where product direction and development priorities are discussed and defined. Revenues from DINIS sales and support charges are allocated to fund enhancements to the DINIS program.

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DINIS Training

A comprehensive range of training in use of DINIS, Systems Administration and Power Systems Modelling is available from Fujitsu Services. The training services, which are delivered by experienced consultants and Electrical Engineers, ensure that our customers gain maximum benefit from their investment by becoming proficient in its use as soon as possible.

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