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The time to produce evaluation results reduced by analysis displays tailored to match your required parameters.
Simplified network extension and enhancement planning.
Continuous pan and zoom facilities allow rapid navigation of your network.

Ease of Use

Early familiarity and ease of use assured through standard Windows-based interface.
Intuitive facilities make DINIS Electricity friendly to regular and occasional users alike.
Ease of use allows you to concentrate on your own area of expertise - no need to become an IT expert.
DINIS Electricity conforms to the industry standard Graphical User Interface which enables simple system operations and ease of use.


Network switching and select circuit facilities allow modeling and analysis of single or multiple voltage networks simultaneously.
DINIS Electricity handles mixed three, two and single phase and SWER line analysis.
Analyses and displays any voltage.
The flexible licence arrangement allows system access from any suitable screen location.

Value for Money

Close fitting, accurate modelling provides very detailed levels of analysis.
Existing asset utilisation is improved by the scope and level of detail provided.
Advanced graphical user interface facilities with progressive network data capture and validation functions.

Peace of Mind

Resilience, performance and security of data is achieved through the use of Client Server architecture.
DINIS Electricity brings you closer to reality than other systems - providing greater accuracy of costing and analysis
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