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Improving your ability to reduce capital expenditure whilst improving customer service.

$1,300,000 loss saving in 1995 - Georgia Power
$2,250,000 deferment of capital investment in 1995 Georgia Power
$1,300,000 loss saving in 1988 - North West Electricity Annual Report
$1,240,000 loss saving in 1987 - Western Power Distribution (formerly South Wales Electricity) Annual Report

These are just some of the published savings directly attributable to the use of DINIS in electricity distribution companies. Furthermore, saving like like these are being realised year on year by over 30 companies throughout Europe (including most of the Regional Electricity Companies in the UK), North America and Australia.

Operating an electricity distribution company today is a complex business. Issues such as ensuring network reliability, adequate capacity, extending the life of installed assets and effectively operating a network closer to its limits can dramatically affect a company's efficiency.

DINIS can help companies to better serve their customers at competitive prices through engineering tools to fully analyse, model and design - a safe, reliable and efficient distribution system.

However, one of the most important factors in selecting the best network analysis tool for your business is the ability of the software to integrate with other applications and data sources.

Taking Network Analysis Further

Many of today's network packages offer similar functionality and analysis features but are often limited by the fact that they are stand-alone programs. DINIS provides a sophisticated, state-of-the-art electrical network analysis workstation that is comprehensive, yet easy to use. More importantly DINIS can utilise existing database information from other corporate systems and has already been to many different systems in electricity utilities throughout the world.

By using the strength of the DINIS analysis software integrated with control room systems, which monitor and control what is happening on the network 24hr/day, electrical engineers can begin to model and understand how the network actually behaves under real operating conditions. With this information they will then be able to determine load demands based on day/night/summer/winter conditions, begin to model the network to predict faults, and perform network reliability analysis. All these capabilities will save £Ms in operational efficiencies as well as improve electricity supply reliability to millions of customers.

Your best investment

Immediate savings on network loss reductions
Increased profit from reduced capital expenditure
Quicker and more accurate decisions
Improved customer service through faster planning
Deferred capital investment
Increased staff productivity
Effective use of existing assets
Integration with other corporate systems

Open database structure
Using standard SQL's you can transfer data to and from other corporate information systems. This is of immense value to Distribution companies who are serious about maximising the benefits derived from company wide asset data. Work with data that's important to your business: don't be restricted to using only data that's important to your network analysis package. Rdb data sheet

Interface to other applications
DINIS provides an Applications Program Interface (API) that provides a clearly defined structure for data sharing and integration with your existing applications.

Licence Management software
Allows you to access DINIS from any desk in your organisation, not just dedicated workstations.

Open Systems
DINIS works within a stand-alone or client-server architecture unix or a combination of unix, NT and wIN95 platforms.

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