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Map Server/Editor Module

Main Features

Provides facilities for capture, storage, editing and management of maps for display in raster behind DINIS, and DINIS - Debut networks
Interfaces directly to a range of large format scanners
Facilities for map registration and rectification including rotation, translation and linear stretching
Provides facilities for storage of various map types in separate raster layers
Maps can be joined to form a contiguous raster map base
Builders plans may be scanned, rectified and edited for display with existing maps
Capable of handling multiple ranges of Map Scale (e.g. 1/500 to 1/2,500 range and 1/25,000 to 1/100,000 range)
Full raster and vector editing facilities
Rasterisation of vector data may be carried out to generate raster map images

Other Features

Uses DINIS - Map Backgrounds module for display of maps within the DINIS environment
Manages raster map files in a relational database environment
Optional modules for vector data import (e.g. OSTF, NTF, DXF) and database creation
More advanced rectification facilities such as monument point location, flexing and least squares warping available via add-on module
Automatic geographic registration of maps within the DINIS environment

Integrated with DINIS for combined raster and vector plotting

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