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Main System Features

Comprehensive load flow and fault analysis of radial and interconnected networks
Network switching and select circuit facilities
Mixed 3, 2, single phase and SWER line analysis
Fully detailed transformer modelling of winding losses, tap changes including combinations of wye/delta/tertiary windings
Automatic allocation of loadings based on total primary feeder input current
Optional non-linear (polynomial) loads
Summary calculations on minimum two phase unbalanced allocation
Summary reliability calculations
Data exchange with other databases via ASCII, NTF or customised interface
Automatic positioning and displays of full analysis results including amps, volts, ohms (actual or per unit), kW, kVAR, pf, phase or sequence with limit values to reduce congestion
Automatic calculation and insertion of effective source impedance

Other Features

Dual geographic and schematic display switch option
Data entry using base or plant rating
"Compare and update" networks
Personal analysis files for all users (what-if? studies)
Fast spatial data capture using "heads-up" digitising from scanned map backgrounds or digitizer tablet
Substation inset facilities with integrated controls and results automation
Retrieve multiple feeder files
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