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DINIS Training


This section is designed to give up to date information on the content and duration of the large range of training courses available to DINIS users.

As well as on-site training courses there is often a requirement for the training of a small number of users in an organisation, but the numbers involved may not make it viable to run an on-site course. By running a common course open to all DINIS users with the charges on a per person basis this should become cost-effective, with the additional benefit of meeting DINIS users from other organisations.

Recent developments have been the delivery of two such training programmes to the UK DINIS users - the 'New DINIS User' training programme, and the 'Electrical Power Systems Analysis - Practical Component Modelling' training course.

The 'New DINIS User' training programme is designed to new staff give a thorough grounding in all aspects of the principles and techniques of operation of DINIS.

The 'Electrical Power Systems Analysis - Practical Component Modelling' training course is run by our Electrical Engineering Consultants and covers all aspects of practical plant modelling for power system requirements. As it is an interactive seminar, it is an ideal opportunity to discuss and resolve your difficult modelling problems with the experts who between them have over eighty years experience of the subject!

To help you find other training courses to match your requirements, we have grouped the courses into the following categories:

All DINIS training courses have a large amount of 'hands-on' training, designed to cover a combination of the theory of operation of the DINIS application features, together with experience on 'real-life' networks - usually of the attendee's own data. Courses can be delivered either at the client's own location or at any suitable Fujitsu Services office.

In addition to these published training courses, my colleagues and I have had much experience in providing customised training courses, allowing the client to cost effectively outsource their training.

Finally, through our sister organisation Knowledgepool Training, one of Europe's largest training consultancy and education organisations, we have access to some of the best training facilities available to ensure that your training needs are successfully achieved.

If you would like to discuss your training requirements with me, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please use the contact form here

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