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DINIS API Training

The following courses are on offer :


Course Code : APIP

Programming the DINIS API with the SDK

Course Contents

Day 1 and Day 2 a.m. - "DINIS API Overview"

This part of the training course presents the DINIS API in the form of lecture material with practical examples covering each of the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the DINIS API
  • The DINIS Root Interface
  • The DINIS Network Element Interface
  • The DINIS Selection Interface
  • The DINIS Analysis Interface
  • A Typical DINIS API Session
  • DINIS API Client Development
  • Client Exception Handling
  • DINIS API VB tips
  • Overview of the DINIS Macro Player


Day 2 p.m. - "DINIS API By Example"

The afternoon of day 2 is spent studying examples of DINIS API applications. The applications will be broken down and analysed with the focus on potential problem areas.

Day 3 - "DINIS API Workshop"

In addition to the DINIS API training course detailed above, there will be a Visual Basic DINIS development workshop where a simple application will be developed. The workshop will put into practice the theory presented in the lectures and will give experience building applications, alerting users to the intricacies of the DINIS API.

Day 4 - "DINIS API Follow-up Session"

A workshop follow-up day will enable developers to problem solve any queries they have encountered since the workshop. The recommended elapsed time between the workshop and the follow-up session is 2-3 weeks and should not extend beyond 4 weeks.


It is likely that the programmers responsible for using the API SDK will familiar with VB or Java or Tcl and the use of APIs in the generic sense.

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Course Code : APIU

Using the DINIS API

Course Duration:


Course Description:

As the API allows DINIS to inter-operate with a large variety of external applications, the training requirements will vary with individual installations.

Fujitsu Services, with a long experience in all aspects of training in the DINIS(E) application and other engineering applications, will be pleased to design, develop and implement training programmes for training in these applications built using the API.


Course Content:

  • This course will be developed to a clients specification.


The prerequisites will vary depending upon the requirements of the course.
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